Network Church Growth Conference

Recently we had a church growth conference for all of the pastors and leaders of the churches in our network. It was amazing to hear about the growth in each and every church. We are getting organized to visit the churches throughout the year to help walk with the pastors in their growth processes. 

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Small Groups Are Breaking Records

In February and March we had more than 50 visitors to the church. Our 7 small groups right now are ministering to 60 people. The church is actively serving 96 people. Our leadership team has grown from 9 to 18. God is positioning us for great growth! 


Testimony Time!

TESTIMONY TIME!  My name is Facundo. This year experienced the living God. He called me back to His ways so that I would never leave Him again. With His help I was set free from my addictions and vices. Today, with my wife and my son, we are serving the Lord together.


Testimony Time:

My name is Bruno. Today I want to share that when God blesses you, He blesses you Big Time. He answered my prayers about my financial and family needs. My girlfriend and I made the decision to get married, and we needed a miracle to provide for the wedding. Through staying faithful to God and trusting in Him, I saw Him working in our lives. He provided and now we are married. I am happy, because I have seen that what is impossible for man, is possible for God. 

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  • 2492 PEOPLE


  • 335 BAPTISMS

We are also helping another 5 churches. 

Send me an email at to set up a time to meet.

Community and Connecting With God

In Corrientes we started the year focusing on building community and creating environments for people to really have an encounter with God. We put together a huge party call FAMILY DAY where we just had a blast and honored different groups of people in the church. This really solidified the relationships in the church. The small groups are focusing on praying and miracles. Soon we will share some of the great testimonies of God's power in people's lives. 


Training New Church In Network

Pastor Marcelo and Elizabeth asked us to train them in pastoral ministry and strategy so that the church they have been pastoring for 8 years can grow beyond the 20 members that currently have.  They came to Corrientes and we spent 30 hours equipping them in all areas of ministry. Returning to Lules Tucumán, they are excited about a new start, with new tools, and people to walk with them in the ministry. 


Testimony Time: Lourdes

My name is Lourdes. Before I gave my life to Jesus I felt so alone and depressed.  My hear was full of pain due to terrible things that happened to me. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I didn’t know how to fill the emptiness I felt inside. When I met Jesus and let him into my heart, He began healing my soul and filling my life with His perfect love. He has freed me from my fears. He has freed me from my past. In Christ my present and future are full of faith, hope and love. I can truly say that I am a new creation in Him. Free and happy. All thanks to Him loving me first and filling me with his grace and mercy.


Aldo's Testimony

My name is Aldo. At the beginning of 2018 my family was falling apart. I know that the enemy has come to steal, to kill and to destroy. However, God has given me wisdom to seek refuge in His grace. Starting 2019 my heart is full of hope. I can see the hand of God guiding and protecting me and my children. I am believing that He will do the same with my wife. I give thanks to God for my spiritual family where my kids and I can continue to grow in Him.


Solid Church Plant in Corrientes

The amazing grace of God this year has been overwhelming. We started the year not knowing exactly how the church plant was going to develop. Our team of 4 was a good start. The Lord was faithful. We finished the year with 10 small groups and 60 solid members in the church. Praise Jesus! 

Ccpa Ctes fin 2018

True Life Change

Pictured below is a young couple. Bruno was set free from a drug and gambling addiction. They got baptized. And, to finish off a great year, they got married! A great young couple we expect will become excellent leaders and pillars in the church. 

We put together a video of testimonies of peoples lives transformed this year. Dozens of people who encountered the love and power of Jesus that has totally changed their lives and families. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! More lives changes = families changed = cities changed = nations changed. That is Heaven on Earth! 

bruno y dai casamiento

3 Baptisms In Corrientes

We started having organized home meetings in March. There are 20 members in the group and we have between 25-35 people each week. We had the privilege of baptizing 3 people in May. There are another four people who are close to taking this step of faith. The Lord is using us to reach the lost in Corrientes. 


Radical Testimony

Waldemar and Jaqueline are a couple with a powerful testimony. A year ago they were struggling with drugs. They accepted Jesus as their Lord and have been drug free since. They are becoming true disciples. They decided on their own to get married and they are serving in the church. God is using them to touch many young lives in Samuhú. 


Ministry Training in Tabay

God is opening doors for us to minister to the lost and forgotten areas of Corrientes. We went to a small town of about 3000 people to train a church in Kids Ministry. Jessica and the team did a great job. The church in Tabay was so pleased with the training that they were chomping at the bit to get their kids ministry up and running. 

Colonia Tabay

Testimony: Carolina Pared

God is always faithful, hears our prayers, responds to them and surprises us with His goodness.

In one of our church services I asked for prayer for a good teaching position. God gave me what I asked for and better than I had expected. I not only got a great position, God gave me a school in a location close to my apartment. He also gave me great co-workers who we so welcoming and happy to have me there. The principle also gave me the age group I was asking the Lord for!

God is good and so much more! 

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Important News From Corrientes

Rosier Mission Update. 
1. New Developments in Corrientes Church Plant.
2. Opportunity to bring the Core Team to the USA for Church Planting Training. Details Below.

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Dreaming Big

In Corrientes, in addition to our Sunday group meeting, we have started a vision building meeting on Thursday afternoons. The people are really excited about getting involved. Our group is a solid 20 people right now. We are planning to launch worship services and mid-week small groups in July.

The Lord has already provided a place for us to have worship services rent free! We believe that we will launch with at least 40 people and 4 small groups. We need to fix the place up and get sound equipment to be ready to go. There is space to have kids church and an office there as well. 

Also, we are looking to serve once a week at a home for abused children. There is a real need to hang out with the kids for a couple of hours a week and we can bring those to church that want to go. God is moving and opening doors!

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Bringing The Core Team to the USA for Church Planting Training

There is an incredible opportunity for our core team to go to the states to get church planting, team building and evangelism training. This will happen May 28-June 12th. Saulo, Carito, Julio, Gisela and possibly Claudio (5 of the people pictured on the left) are our core team. Traveling to the USA will really unite and equip our team to minister to the great needs in Corrientes.

New Monthly Updates Will be Posted Here

New Monthly Updates Will Be Posted Here. 

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